Presenting yourself to the PC should not entail typing arcane strings for the benefit of the machine. When is the last time you wrote your password to unlock your phone? Why should it be any different on your work computer?

Technology like RFID tags, fingerprint reading, and face recognition, that only a few years ago sounded like science fiction, is nowadays so widespread that everybody has it in their pockets. Yet, desktop computers lack it, and with its absence comes the dreg of a decades-old ritual that is now taken for granted by the user.

Ademas integrates advanced sensing straight from the get go, making it the foundation of its experience. Decide which factors you want to use to authenticate (any 2 of the three, or all of them). Have you chosen RFID and face recognition? Then sit in front of your computer, pop your smart-phone or smart-watch on the sensor, and watch Ademas presents you with your desktop, projects, and applications, just as you had left them.